is this really with GIMP from www.gimp.org/downloads? If yes, what exactly were 
you doing right before it crashed and can you please post the complete error 

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On 27. Juni 2014 18:10:06 MESZ, DocChloroplast <for...@gimpusers.com> wrote:
>Ever since I installed GIMP on my new Windows 8.1 machine, I've been
>repeated issues of it crashing while working with images. I haven't
>been able to
>pinpoint the problem; a clean uninstall and reinstall hasn't really
>affected the
>behavior. I took to checking the Windows Event Viewer to see if it shed
>light (perhaps a plugin or extension is causing an issue), but most of
>the time
>the problem lies with gimp- itself. The exception code
>reported is
>0xc0000005, if that helps any. (I've also tried launching GIMP in
>verbose mode,
>but nothing out of the ordinary appears when it crashes).
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