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Steve Kinney <ad...@pilobilus.net> wrote:
> I always have to select my preferred "general purpose" brush every
> time the program opens anyway 

I don't have to do this, but that may be because I have Paint Options Shared 
Between Tools checked in edit/preferences...

I just had to set things up as I wanted, and do Save tool options now.

> 4)  Other than dynamic brushes
> But the most useful "dynamic" feature
> for brush tools requires user configuration to exist, and most
> users probably don't suspect it is possible:  Changing brush size
> and hardness with a keyboard shortcut + mouse wheel. 

Note that by default (depending on your keyboard) [ { and ] } increase/decrease 
the size of an editable brush. You may need to change that in edit/keys if it 
doesn't work for you; it's increase/decrease value 2 I think.

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