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On 07/02/2014 03:07 PM, Liam R E Quin wrote:
> On Wed, 02 Jul 2014 14:32:13 -0400 Steve Kinney
> <ad...@pilobilus.net> wrote: [...]
>> I always have to select my preferred "general purpose" brush
>> every time the program opens anyway
> I don't have to do this, but that may be because I have Paint
> Options Shared Between Tools checked in edit/preferences...
> I just had to set things up as I wanted, and do Save tool
> options now.

All rightey then!  I think I must have been the problem here:  I
did have Paint Options Shared Between Tools set, and I know I
unchecked "save on exit" and hit the "save now" button.

But I just opened the program to get the name of the brush it
always selects on open and, um, there was NO brush selected.  I
picked my generic one, saved the tool options, bounced the program
and voila:  The correct brush was selected.  That saves me about
200 milliseconds per session!  Yay!  :)

>> 4)  Other than dynamic brushes But the most useful "dynamic"
>> feature for brush tools requires user configuration to exist,
>> and most users probably don't suspect it is possible:
>> Changing brush size and hardness with a keyboard shortcut +
>> mouse wheel.
> Note that by default (depending on your keyboard) [ { and ] }
> increase/decrease the size of an editable brush. You may need
> to change that in edit/keys if it doesn't work for you; it's
> increase/decrease value 2 I think.

I saw that, but dodged it for for several reasons:  First, I try
to keep my left hand on its "home keys" for image editing while I
am working; it's a long reach from there to the brackets.  Also,
the default method seems to use larger increments of size change
than I like.  But mostly I just like dialing the brush size up and
down with the mouse wheel; it's all analog and stuff.

When changing brush hardness with the settings I noted earlier,
there's nothing to see on the canvas (even the brush outline
vanishes during the operation), but the notification area below
the canvas shows the hardness % as it goes up and down.



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