Hi Everyone,

I'm very new at using Gimp. I haven't been using it for a week yet. Right now,
I'm using the paint brush to outline objects then fill in the colors. I'm doing
this all on a transparency.

Sometimes the fill tool doesn't fill in the entire area that is blocked in by
the paint strokes. I have to go around the edges with the paint brush and fill
in the rest of the color. What could be causing this?

When I'm ready to export them, the images look OK in Gimp. But once I export
them, the black paint brush lines have halos around them.

Are there some settings I need to make before I import images into Gimp or
export them to my desktop? I'm working with jpg images.

The thing I don't get is that with the first 2 images I worked on, I didn't have
the halo issue. I didn't change any settings. What could have happened?

If anyone can help me with:

1. Making it so the entire area I have outlined with the paint brush is filled
in with the fill tool

2. Getting rid of the white halo lines around the areas with the brush tool

I would greatly appreciate it.


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