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> I am a GIMP beginner....
> 1.When I crop a picture, what is the best way to resize? I have been using 
> Image/scale image, then setting width and height at 4896 & 3264.
> Is that best? Or how is best to help retain quality.

It depends on how you want to use the image. For example, 4896 x 3264 pixels 
would be a large image for use on a Web page.

> 2. I have been using Filters/enhance/unsharp mask...is this best, rather than 
> Sharpen? And do I leave the Radius/amount/threshold settings at what pops up?

Unsharp mask has ugly defaults for a lot of images, and you probably want to 
reduce the amount. I prefer Sharpen for a lot of cases, but it all depends on 
how you will use the image.


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