Maurizio Loreti writes:
> I have tried do download the last versions from the lensfun distribution, now 
> hosted on sourceforge; under the URL 
> there are three 
> files canon-related, named compact-canon.xml, slr-canon.xml and mil-canon.xml.

Patrick Shanahan writes:
> AND, the "barf" you see is because you have not copied xml files.  afaik,
> there is no "element <html>!" in any of the lensfun xml files.  I just
> grepped my entire lensfun install and there is no "html" appearing in
> *any* xml file.

Could this be because of Sourceforge's charming habit of giving you
an HTML download page when you click on Download for a file, instead
of taking you straight to the file you asked for? I've downloaded
HTML files more than once, because I chose "Save link as" instead of
remembering that with sourceforge, you have to click, view the
download page and only then can you "Save as". Always check files
after you download them to make sure you got the file you thought
you were getting.

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