* Maurizio Loreti <maurizio.lor...@gmail.com> [07-10-14 12:58]:
> On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 5:25 PM, Patrick Shanahan <ptilopt...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > AND, the "barf" you see is because you have not copied xml files.  afaik,
> > there is no "element <html>!" in any of the lensfun xml files.  I just
> > grepped my entire lensfun install and there is no "html" appearing in
> > *any* xml file.
> >
> About that you are right; I got the files using a "wget
> http://URL/slr-canon.xml"; and wget got all the data of the code frame.  My
> fault.
> HOWEVER, downloading the files correctly, GIMP and ufraw both "barf" again;
> the first line reads <lensdatabase version="1"> and is not accepted: the
> old files begin with a plain "<lensdatabase>".  See, when you say
> > err, xml = xm
> you are not right: the _format_ of the xml file has changed, indeed, as I
> said.  But the change now is straightforward.

That is possible, but in this case I believe not.

Why don't you edit the version line and make it what you believe
gimp/ufraw desire and try again?  You do want it to work???

And a grep for "version" of my lensfun-data-0.2.8-9.1.noarch install
reveals nill.  I believe 2.8 is the latest from sf and 2.8-9.1 is the
latest on openSUSE which I run.

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