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> Looking for a decent 24" photo editing computer monitor under $300. Is it
> possible?

It depends what you want to do with the edited photos.

Make sure the monitor is at least 8 bits per channel -- some have only 6 bits 
in blue, and those are not suitable.

The next level up has an IPS display and comes with a colour profile (e.g. Dell 
has this; mine was about $600; LaCie does too I think, but more expensive and 
probably higher quality).

Above that are monitors from HP and Ezio that can run to $3000 or more.

You can probably get a good quality used monitor, depending on where you live, 
for well under half the list price. June/July is sometimes a good time because 
of students graduating and selling all their worldly possessions to enter 
corporate slavery :)


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