I know that this has come up with other users in other threads. I am starting a
new thread because:
The cause of my problem is different
the ongoing problem has not been fixed
the other threads are so long my post would not be seen.

I have Gimp 2.6 on my system (i7, Win 7 + all updates, 8gb RAM, and so on) and
have been running it successfully for a couple years now. I just downloaded Gimp
2.8 and assumed it would overwrite 2.6 but it did not, which is fine by me.

The problem:
In multi-window mode I click on a tool icon and it works fine. I click on
another icon and no response. I have to click on the display window border, then
the tool I want and it selects it. But the next tool selection fails until I
click on the display window again.
In single window mode, I have the same problem but now must clock somewhere
outside of Gimp 2.8 before I can select a new tool.

Gimp 2.6 is still on my system and still works as it always has. Considering
that right now Gimp 2.6 works and Gimp 2.8 does not suggests that the problem is
something on the dev end and not with other software or the operating system. I
do not have Kasperty or the other programs others have tried to link this issue

Anyway, I've enjoyed using Gimp 2.6 and will continue until some future update
corrects this problem. I did not notice if I could download Gimp 2.6 still from
the dev site, but if not I cannot continue to recommend this program...

DSunhammer (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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