DSunhammer wrote
> Hello friends, it's 2014 and i just updated gimp to 2.8.10 from 2.8.2 and
> am
> still getting issue with ALL COLOR PICKERS linked from any of the dialogs.
> The
> color picker always returns black color regarless of where you click. I am
> on
> RDP, Win7 x64 Slovak. This really makes Gimp useless.

The very basic GUI color picker works well when somewhat inconveniently
switching from my present tool to the color picker tool. Hotkeys sort of
solve this.

Thankfully, holding down 'Control' (in Windows/Linux) results in the color
picker temporarily popping up before reverting to present tool upon release
of the key.

But one of the absolute best ways to pick color has been clicking on the
present colors to get the color dialogue, so you can work with the pallet
and get any visible on-screen color, which is one of the most amazing and
useful tools built into 2.6 that *is lost* in 2.8, according to some. Like
DSunhammer, I have the same bug — where (I guess) someone simply forgot to
change the present selection to the color detected. It just makes the
present selection pure black #000000. So close to being useful!

Otherwise, pretty great work on the new version in all other aspects, and I
look forward to the next version where hopefully our great in-dialog color
picker returns! (Any chance for a patch?)

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