On 30/07/14 06:50, chAms wrote:
I am working with feature recommendation for complex softwares to enhance users'
feature awareness in order to make their future task easier. As a reference
software, I use GIMP (about 250 distinct features). For  my purpose, I have
developed a recommendation system based on RBM which recommends new features
that users are unfamiliar with. I already tried to mock up gimp menu hierarchy
using Java interface to get a extra bit of freedom to manipulate the menu system
to visualize the recommended features. But unfortunately, I am finding it hard
to design a userstudy to measure the effect of feature awareness due to the fact
that a user is unable to do real task in my prototype interface. Therefore, I
need a good understading of  gimp's Menu generation code so that  I can
visualize the recommended features in actual GIMP interface. Since the code base
is large, I am finding it hard to track the code. So It would be a great help
for me If anyone knows answer to my following questions:

1. source_folder/menus contains a number of xml file for example:
images-menu.xml but it doesn't contain all the menuitem names under image menu
in actual interface. I want to know which file actuallly generate initial menu
in gimp.

Thanks in advance.

There is no such file... The menu system in Gimp is fairly dynamic due to the pervasiveness of scripts and plug-ins. Each script/plug-in, when registering, tells Gimp where it wants to show up in the menus. So in the end you have a mix of entries for Gimp built-in functionality, Gimp "standard plug-ins", and any script/plug-in that the user added.
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