Thanks for catching the malware - it's removed now.

>Even if it can be altered by programs, this kind of timestamp is set 
>automatically by the system when the file is closed.
>IMHO here it's more a case of a bad clock setup on your server. What
>your time zone? What is the time zone on the server?

That makes sense about the time coming from the system, it's just strange that
the other programs I use a lot on that computer (Microsoft Office, Apache
OpenOffice, and Microsoft Paint) always have modified dates that match the
system time; GIMP is the only one that sets different times.  It started out
being exactly one hour ahead, but as you can see in the screenshot it's further
ahead now.  I'm in the U.S. Central time zone, and that's what is set on my
computer.  We're in Daylight Saving mode currently, which Windows automatically
applies.  (This machine is running Windows 7.)

The machine is connected to a local network (it's my at-work computer) through a
Linux server.  I have no idea how to check the time settings on the server, or
if that would affect my computer at all.

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