>It opens quickly on windows 8 using gimp 2.8.10. I tried both File -> 
>Open and the drag and drop method. The first was a bit faster opening.
>You can delete a lot of exif data from windows explorer. right click
>the file, select properties and then the details tab.

Thank you for testing the file, all! Not sure where that leaves me as it is
clearly a problem on my end. Does GIMP's download differentiate between 32 and
64 bit? I know it says it contains both versions, but I never get an option to
choose, except that in advanced I can choose to accept 32 bit plug-ins. I am
trying the Partha 64 bit install to see if that changes anything. I've tried the
simple method of removing data from the file, but it didn't help any.

C210LUV (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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