Ok, I just joined and because a former photography software program disappeared
out of my computer, and after trying to figure out what happened (and i think I
did), i have decided to upgrade to   gimp (no more photoshop elements.   Most of
the time over the years I had only used that program for watermarking my
photography.  Several times i did use it for changing colors of my work BUT
there was probably 80% of that program  I never even used, or knew about. It is
TIME for me to LEARN MORE about what I can do with my photography and will be
doing alot of reading, grasping, understanding, following directions here from
whomever wants to share with me, but right now for my first QUESTION:   How can
i watermark with a copyright symbol my photography?   Thank you and will keep
you on my desktop so to check in frequently each day. Here is a link to where i
store what I have done over the last few years. I am in several shops here in
San Diego, with greeting cards, my book full of my images, and much more.  Thank
you ~~                                   

NNRamirez (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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