>Am 21.08.2014 um 17:15 schrieb pelayoglezfoto:
>Hi, which PPA you are using? Probably this: 
>https://launchpad.net/~otto-kesselgulasch/+archive/ubuntu/gimp-edge ?
>It works only for Ubuntu based Distros with Ubuntu >= 14.04.
>PS; I'm the maintainer. O:-)

Yes, that's the one iḿ using, and I have had 2.9 Installed in my computer, but I
changed my linux distro and when I tried to intall it again, I could only
install 2.8.
I know 2.9 is unstable. I develop most of my work with Darktable, but when I
need to use GIMP, version 2.9 has some features that worth the risk.


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