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> On Sun, 24 Aug 2014, Kevin Cozens wrote:
> > On 14-08-24 01:24 PM, Chris F.A. Johnson wrote:

> >> convert pic.xcf -flatten pic.png
> >
> > That would not do what is required. It would just created an output file 
> > with 
> > a single layer instead of a single file with the same layers as in the 
> > original xcf file.
>     Can PNGs have layers?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: the PNG specification allows for private format extensions, so 
applications can add all sorts of features and store them in a PNG file.
No other application is required to support those, however.

For example, Adobe/Macromedia Fireworks does this and adds vectors and layers 
to the PNG files (its native(iirc) file format). 
This tricks some users without comprehensive file format knowledge into 
regarding those as PNG standard features.

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