I have a request:

Many of the new compact cameras have an interesting gadget included: A colour
key filter. You choose one of six or so predefined colours and the result is
then a black and white picture except everything in this colour. However, the
colour is very narrowly defined. If you choose green, there is a medium green,
much lighter or darker greens stay black/white. Furthermore everything in the
choosen colour are coloured.

I am looking for a filter, doing exactly this, but where I can set the wideness
of the colour range myself. Perhaps with a slider or a colour wheel on which the
distance of the colour hues can be defined. It could be very good, to have
perhaps four or five of these choices per picture. Also it should be possible to
narrow the colour to just a certain part of the picture. Example: a housefront
with 10 shutters, all in green. I want just one of these shutters keeping its
green, all others have, like the rest of all colours, to be black and white.

Is there a possiblility to achieve this with present tools or is there interest
from sombody to develop such a filter or a plug-in and include it into Gimp?
My email is brun...@scotnet.co.uk, my name is Bruno, aka known as Arran in
various forums.

Arran (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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