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>A pixel map a.k.a. raster image is ultimately a grid of squares,
>and can not represent smooth curves accurately:  Aliasing, the
>"jagged" or stair-step appearance, is inherent in the medium.
>There are two ways to hide this and fool the eye into seeing
>smooth edges on curved boundaries:  Blur the affected regions so
>the eye can't tell exactly where one region ends and a contrasting
>one begins, and/or, make the grid out of smaller squares that the
>eye and brain will ignore when "seeing" the image.
>- From the image provided, it looks like your jagged edges - that's
>called aliasing, BTW - can be eliminated easily:  Start with a
>larger image, which will give you more pixels per inch when the
>finished product is displayed at the same size as the version that
>is giving you problems:  The stair-steps will then be small
>enough, relative to the whole image, for the eye to ignore.
>In the case at hand you already have your vector path drawn, and
>unlike colored-in pixels, it will scale smoothly to any size.  So,
>you can just open the XCF file, save it with another name, and
>scale it up.  I would probably try about 300%.
>Then use the eyedropper to pick the fill color you want from the
>footprint layer.  Delete that layer or turn off its visibility.
>Make a new transparent layer, do Path To Selection in the Paths
>dockable dialog, then just drag and drop your color straight from
>the color tool in the main toolbox to the image canvas.
>Hopefully this will restore your will to live for at least long
>enough to finish the project you are working on.
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Thanks :) I'm sorry for being such a novice, but how do I scale the image up? I
have opened the image, gone to save as and renamed it but cannot find or see an
option to scale up?

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