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I understand wanting to jump right in and wanting it to work, but if you
don't have a basic understanding of image editing programs in general,
it can be hard to grasp at first. If you aren't the type that learns
from book or manual reading, (I'm not) you might try one a the various
gimp tutorials out there aimed at beginners. I made a 5 part series
myself you might find useful.

Try not to get too frustrated. There is very little that gimp can't do,
which means it is a very complex piece of software that can take a
little time to grasp. Once you do, you will astounded on what you can

On Sun, Sep 7, 2014, at 03:53 PM, NoWhizzKid wrote:
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> >In the case at hand you already have your vector path drawn, and
> >unlike colored-in pixels, it will scale smoothly to any size.  So,
> >you can just open the XCF file, save it with another name, and
> >scale it up.  I would probably try about 300%.
> >
> >Then use the eyedropper to pick the fill color you want from the
> >footprint layer.  Delete that layer or turn off its visibility.
> >Make a new transparent layer, do Path To Selection in the Paths
> >dockable dialog, then just drag and drop your color straight from
> >the color tool in the main toolbox to the image canvas.
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> I'm sorry, I really am... I just don't understand. I just don't know HOW
> to do
> these things. I don't know my way around the menus well enough and/or
> know the
> language of the program well enough.
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