I am using GIMP 2.8 on a windows 7 64-bit machine. I have used GIMP consistently
since 2.6 without a problem. I have accumulated about 30 brush files (*.abr),
mostly Ron's Brushes and brushes by Designfera. They worked fine until this last
week when I had to reinstall windows on my system. I cleaned out GIMP,
reinstalled, and before it could handle all my brushes, now it chokes on trying
to load more than two or three abr files.
The crash occurs at startup. It tells me windows is checking for a solution. If
I wait to load them via GURM, it crashes as soon as GURM tries to load them and
gives me the same message.
I have tried to isolate one particular file, it is not one particular file. Any
more than a handful crashes it. I have tried to load them via gurm. Crashes. I
have tried 2.8, shop, and even 2.6 and all crashed. I've upped the tile cache
and it crashed. I deleted the rc files because someone suggested that as well:
no luck.
I use this stuff as part of business and professional art and its killing me not
to be able to use my brushes. It makes GIMP almost useless for me.
Any ideas why this is happening, and more importantly, what the solution is.

ILjackson (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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