Sorry to hear your problems.

Do you have the image as a background or is it done with layers?

If it is on the background try looking at if it is possible to sort
things out.

Usually you should use a layer for alpha channel and never only the
background, since that (especially if you choose a color that is most used
to alpha) makes that color transparent and so those parts of the image
become "invisible" although they for the program do still exist).

Hope that helps. I have not used much alpha channel but when I have I have
always used it to a background layer before aplying copied the my image to
a layer above the background.

Good luck,
Heikki Jussila

Heikki Jussila
via Matteotti 6 int. 8
I-56124 Pisa (PI)
mobile: +39 335 5352917
skype: heikki.tapio.jussila

On 18 September 2014 19:34, Martin Mciver <> wrote:

> Hi There,
> Please I hope you can help. I spent hours cutting out an image, I added the
> alpha channell when I was done, and it seemed to delete the image I need
> and left the background which I do not need.
> I have tried everything, including undoing my history through the edit
> panel.
> Is there any way to retrieve my image? I still have it selected, but the
> cut out shape is just showing as Alpha Channel.
> I will not close GIMP until I get a reply, so please help - Massive Thanks
> in advance
> All the best,
> Martin
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