On 20/09/14 17:45, NoWhizzKid wrote:
Me again! OK, I've got to grips with everything, right up until I've
finished my path. Once my path is finished, I struggle to get the path
and take it to a new layer. I'm getting it wrong every time. I am
trying to make a screen video to show you what I mean but if anyone
can suggest how to do this in the meantime, I'd be really grateful.

I do appreciate I'm being a bit of a nightmare... thanks for your help
so far!
My video won't upload as it is too big. However, I understand how to use the
path tool better and get a lovely curved footprint, but once I have my path
selected and my footprint filled with the colour of my choice, I struggle
understanding how to remove the background and to select just the footprint. Can
anyone help? Thanks :)

Add a new transparent layer and fill the footprint on it, and then hide/discard the initial layer which is just used as a guide to create the path. This way you don't have to remove anything since you start with a clean layer.
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