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>Yes to that:  imagemagick is the right tool for resizing lots of
>images at once and/or adding watermarks to them.  Still, if you
>are going to edit each image individually in the GIMP to get that
>oval, it might be just as convenient to make the watermark on an
>otherwise transparent layer, save that as a file of its own, and
>drag+drop to add it to each image before saving.
>In re cropping, I think what you probably want to do is make your
>oval selection, and do Image > Crop To Selection.  That gives you
>the rectangle.  Then do Select > Invert followed by Edit > Delete
>to delete everything in the rectangle except your oval.
>(The usual keyboard shortcut for invert selection is control+i,
>for delete is control+x.)
>You can choose the color of the "deleted" area by setting it as
>the background color in your color selector tool, if the image /
>layer  you are working on does not have an alpha channel. The
>alpha channel in a layer or image enables transparency; with no
>alpha channel, anything you delete will turn into the background
>If the image / layer you are working on has an alpha channel, you
>will get a transparent background instead.  This is a frequently
>used option for non-rectangular image content that will be
>displayed on websites.
>To add or remove the alpha channel from your image or layer, right
>click on the thumbnail in the Layers dialog and select "Add alpha
>channel" or "Remove alpha channel".  To preserve a transparent
>background in your finished image, export the finished image in
>PNG format.  Saving as JPG (for instance) will turn the
>transparent areas into the background color that is set at the
>time, as JPG does not support transparency.
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Steve you've helped enormously in showing me how to put the transparency and the
oval shape!! Thank you !!

ermns (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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