On 30/09/14 17:04, Anthony ODoibhailein wrote:

I am a new user of GIMP and have been quite impressed with the range of 
features and usability. However I am working on a large banner and am finding 
the rendering of the image is extremely slow.
I have just upgraded my mac from a powerpc to a 12 core intel machine and am 
not appreciating a great speed benefit so far due to this slowness of rendering.
I appreciate that it may well be down to the setup. I have the RAM set to 10Gb 
in the GIMP preferences which I had thought sufficient to show an improvement 
but its not given much of a boost.

You mean Edit>Preferences -> Environment > Tile cache size?

Check your system monitor will tell you where the slowdown happens... how much RAM is used? how many CPU cores are used? I don't think the current versions of Gimp will make use of all your cores....
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