On 08/10/14 21:26, GreenFeather wrote:
Hi, I'm fairly new to GIMP. I need help.

Let's say, I have a base image. Then another image which is comprised of the
base image and a transparent layer of blue, but is merged into one layer.
How can I subtract the base image from the other image, resulting in a layer
of blue?

Here, I'll show what is needed in my case.

I have my base image, here

  and here is the other image, which is the base image plus a rainbow layer

As I said before, the second image is one layer, and I can't click undo
because that image isn't originally mine.

How would I subtract the base image from the second image that leaves me
with a rainbow gradient layer, that looks something like this
<http://gimp.1065349.n5.nabble.com/file/n43846/Rainbow.jpg> (image not to
scale) (note, this is just an example and I can't use this one because it
does not match the exact shades of the seconds image, which is what I need)

Help please.

This coloring is usually applied using some form of multiplication:

final=original X colors

so to get back at the colors:

colors= final / original

So in Gimp:

- Load rainbow-ed image
- Load original image as a layer over it
- Put original image layer in "Divide" mode

Result not perfect, due to overflow/clipping...

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