>This is a known bug which has actually been introduced by a recent
>version of libcairo.
>See https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=736220
>A solution for the time being is using an older libcairo. In an older
>version of GIMP (2.8.10), save libcairo-2.dll (and maybe
>libpixman-1-0.dll as well), then after updating to 2.8.14, replace the
>newly installed DLLs by the 2 you saved. The lag bug should be gone.
>At least that is what a user told us in the aforementionned bug
>The actual bug will be fixed when a libcairo developer, or maybe one
>of us, will look closer into this. I've been meaning to do this myself
>as well, but never took the time for such a thing.

Thanks! I copied those two files plus libpng15-15 as suggested from 2.8.10 and
replaced the relevant 2.8.14 versions. Appears to be working with no other
problems, although testing has been limited so far. I did get an odd error
message when starting up 2.8.14 for the first time after switching the files;
something like:
The procedure entry point cairo_mesh_pattern_begin_patch could not be located in
the dynamic link library C:\...\libpoppler-glib-8.dll

Since this wasn't a file I touched, I don't know if this was related. In any
case, I simply ok'd the error message and it all seemed to start up ok

Cyanoferret (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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