>In your sample image, I don't see a "logo to the left".  Do you see it
>when you look at your PNG ?
>I don't know why there is an outline in the word.  That's not right at
>all unless that's what the font you used looks like (with an outline
>in it).
>When you create the word, be sure your background is the color you
>(I forget whether you want colored letters on white background or the 
>opposite).  And be sure you using the opposite color when creating the
>word.  There is no "messing around" beyond that -- in regard to the 
>word.  It should be created at the size you want and then not messed 
>with (which means that to create other sizes, you should retain access
>to your original source of the font).  For best quality text, don't 
>later enlarge or shrink, re-create at the needed size (this is where a
>properly constructed scalable font in a vector-based program is most 

Thanks Jay and everyone else, I forgot to add the logo that's to the left in the
image before posting. It is weird regarding the outline, I've seen our logo on
our main website with a gray background and there is no outline around the
letters. This seems to be turning into more work than I thought it would have
been. I'll see if there is anyway I can get ahead of the original.

CoolB (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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