On 10/23/14 13:31, Keith Purtell wrote:
> I've been using GIMP for several years to (among other things) open TIFF
> files, edit, export into Acrobat Pro to create a PDF.  Today I took a
> client PDF and saved it as high-res TIFF, fixed a problem, exported the
> revised TIFF and converted to PDF. I do this often.
> It wasn't until I got to looking at the new PDF that I noticed a big color
> shift in one section. There's a pale green box with darker forest-green
> text inside. Both shades of green looked like the saturation had been
> pumped way up. I backtracked, and finally realized this color shift was
> happening the instant GIMP opened the TIFF.
> Just to be clear, this is not a buggy TIFF from outside. I made it myself
> by take a normal PDF and using the Save-as-Image function. This didn't
> happen with the other three images from the same project. Experimenting
> with Mode made no difference.
> Ideas?

I'm not certain, but my guess is the tiff file has an embedded color profile
other than whatever your gimp is set to, and the conversion option is 
set to auto-convert without asking questions.

Open Edit/Preferences/Color Management and check what "RGB profile" is set
to and what "File Open behaviour" is set to.

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