I've just released a maintenance update to Karl Chen's old plugin
called 'Deskew'. The plugin is originally intended to fix skewed
scanned documents and relies on 3rd party code to do so. It has no
options whatsoever and just does the job.

The updates to Karl's code have been sitting in my private Git repo
for a while, but this was really silly, so here it is.

Changes in v1.1:

- Deskew has been relocated to 'Layer -> Transform' menu
- Newer plugin template code
- Support for more recent versions of automake
- A few i18n fixes
- The code fixed to use GIMP 2.8 API
- The build system fixed to properly install the plugin's executable
file on Linux

Steve Lessard provided a fix for the build system, and Michael
Natterer provided a few actionable advises on API and installation.

Source code downloads are here:


Note that I'm not qualified to make public builds for Windows and
Linux, and I don't even have an access to a Mac system. Building from
source code on Linux works for me. If a reputable community member
provides any builds, I'll happily publish them. Please also note that
I'm not (yet?) qualified to make any substantial changes to the code,
so feature requests are pretty much lost on me :)

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