On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 10:27 PM, Elle Stone wrote:

> Another advantage to forking babl and GEGL for GIMP is that GIMP's fork of
> babl and GEGL could be GPLed, thus freeing the GIMP devs to add FFTW
> (Fourier transforms, http://www.fftw.org/) and other new functionality to
> GIMP. FFTW is GPLed. At present, GIMP is somewhat hobbled as to what GPL
> code can be used for new editing functions because the babl/GEGL code is
> LGPLed.

Well, it's a shame we can't legally use FFTW to revive that GSoC
project, but FFTW is not the only option out there. There's e.g.

Also, as Jehan correctly stated, licensing a library under GPL opens a
whole can of worms. Just google for "libredwg gpl freecad librecad" to
see what kind of madness can happen.

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