Someone from the Scribus team showed me this video of a conference in
Switzerland where there has also been a presentation of GIMP
(apparently by an "Adobe certified PS trainer"!) and from what I have
been told, they compare GIMP and Photoshop, and that was not shameful
at all for GIMP, which came back with a pretty good image.
Well that's what I've been told since my understanding of German is
very lacking (as people who met me at LGM can attest), so I don't
really understand what they say in the video. Below the exact
description which was given to me:

I recently attended a conference in Switzerland, where the organisers
had set up a Mac with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, GIMP, Acrobat and
Scribus installed. The monitor was one of those insanely expensive
EIZO screens used in the high-end printing business. Once the
operators had figured out that they had to disable the system colour
management and instead completely rely on lcms2, which is used by
GIMP, jaws were dropping: no difference in quality between GIMP and
Photoshop! They had a similar experience with Acrobat and Scribus's
PDF engine, btw ;)

Also interesting: The guy who presented GIMP at the conference was an
Adobe-certified PS trainer. If you understand German, here's a video:

Well I know many people speak German in this mailing list and the GIMP
project in general. You may like this then. :-)
Have fun!


P.S.: maybe this info has already been spread around since I'm usually
the late one on the news. If so, sorry for posting old news.
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