>Sorry for multiple posts but I see no edit function :-/
>I do have 2.8.14 on Win 7. However, it seemed that 2.8.8 is an older
>version? Is it a more stable version? I'm willing to revert to it, but
>I really hope my current work is compatible with it.

A couple more tests and the problem is still there in Win7 and Gimp 2.8.14, so
no point in changing your installation.

It does seem to be dependent on the font and the text dialog is one thing not
seen in your screenshots.

This one where the text is truncated because the path is too short for the text.
http://i.imgur.com/I0l7Nde.jpg  using aharoni bold

This one where the path flies off to the corner of the canvas.
http://i.imgur.com/HHnJXKo.jpg   using sans bold

It is the length of the text rather than the size although obviously two very
large characters might exceed the length of the path. Try and size the path to
the text rather than the other way around.

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