On 11/11/14 08:15, Elle Stone wrote:

> So the important question is:
> *What copyrighted or otherwise test images GIMP users might have
> downloaded from the internet and found useful, and *what kinds of
> test images GIMP users might have already put together, *for what
> particular testing purposes.

The things I find most useful are the following:

1. Peoples' faces.  Important here is a wide selection of ethnicities,
   such as white, asian, african, latino.  It would be useful to have
   individual images; and combination images with the extremes (e.g.
   white, african, and wedding dress in the same image).  In the
   african group, a wide range from very black to brown.

2. Highly saturated from the natural world -- birds and flowers, for 
   example.  I may have a few birds of use.  Others may well have 
   better images.

3. Color gradients and ICC targets.
   In this category I would find useful a chart specifically designed 
   to show the boundaries of different well-known colorspaces, such 
   as sRGB, AdobeRGB, and ProPhoto.  If the chart had an outline of
   the colorspaces as separate .xcf layers it would be great.  It
   might be useful to have layers for some printers as well.

It would be good if images have neutral gray cards / gradients of some 
sort in them, although that is obviously not always possible.


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