> On 13.11.2014 18:04, DrNicket wrote:
> > The reason for wanting to disable this feature, is because it is forced it 
> > on
> > us. If I just want to use the brush, every time I had something copied, I
> > have to change the brush back. It's bloody annoying when I use it a lot and

Michael Schumacher writes:
> What steps does this add?
> There doesn't seem to be anything that gets in the way of most other
> users, and this message won't have a lot of context for them, either
> (you should quote the important parts of the original message properly).

I don't know what the original message was. But a few months ago (in
git master) I somehow got into a situation where the clipboard brush
somehow became my default brush, even though I hadn't deliberately
used it for a while. Then I'd try to draw or erase something and
it wouldn't work right (because the brush wasn't what I expected).

I'm still not sure how I got into this situation -- possibly a
problem with profile migration? -- but I got out of it by setting
the brush to my preferred default (the one that's called Square but
is actually round) then going to Preferences, Tool Options, Revert
Saved Tool Options to Default Values.

I wonder if DrNicket somehow hit the same problem. I certainly
wouldn't want to disable the clipboard brush -- it's a great
feature. But having it magically become my default brush was
definitely confusing. I wish I could have figured out how it happened.

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