On Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 2:55 PM, Mark Ballard wrote:

> Action: Opened a png + changed zoom from 65% (which it was set at) to 100%.
> Result: Image increased in scale but it became too big for the visible
> window and some disappeard off the side.

What is the expected result? Or are you describing a sequence of actions?

> Action: I increased the window breadth so I could see the part of the image
> that was missing off the side.
> Result: Window increased in size, but image stayed in the same place, with
> half of it still missing off the left side. The right side, increased by my
> enlargening of the window, just filled with whitespace. I couldn't shift
> the image to where I could see it because there was no scroll bar at the
> bottom.

Scroll bar is enabled by default. Perhaps it should automatically
appear when canvas doesn't fit the viewport. Is that what you expect
GIMP to do?

> Action: I selected the move tool (this is hard to find, btw, in the
> transform menu - it would imho be better standing alone in the main tool
> menu), and attempted to move the image to where I could see it.
> Result: The image moved but its canvas didn't. So while what was lost off
> the left shifted into view, what could be seen on the right disappeared off
> its own edge in concert.

You expect the Move tool to do panning. This is simply not what the
tool is designed to do :)

Please use either of the two actions to pan:

1) Press spacebar and move your mouse around without clicking its buttons.
2) Press scroll wheel of your mouse and drag the mouse around.

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