On 28/12/14 18:15, Marc Nicolardot wrote:
Good afternoon,
I woul'd like to convert an animation built with GAP and GIMP (a folder with 
500 frames (i.e. 500 numbered .xcf files)) to an MPEG file with a .wav file 
(music). I have read in O. Lecarme and K. Delvare french book it shoul'd be 
possible, but I don't find the video/Master Videoencoder in the video menu 
(page 197 in the book). What coul'd be the problem ?
Note : the animation does work with the Playback function in the video menu.
Thank you very much if you can help me.

I never heard of a direct-to-video plugin for Gimp. IMHO your best bet is to convert your XCF images to PNG using some utility (ImageMagick) and then to make the video from the PNGs using some other utility (ffmpeg springs to mind).

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