Hello, I was on Gimp 2.8.14 (I'm on Win7 64bit sp1) and I was running into this
bug where I randomly loose the ability to click on various dialogue box
interface items. Observed during resize, color change, rotate dialogues to note
only a few examples. It's not consistent. I can sometimes click on an element
and then I can't. By element I mean radio toggles, buttons including
OK/Cancel/Apply etc. When I open the dialogue, I can click on one or two things
- it works - and then I can't click on anything else (even the things I just
successfully clicked earlier). Even hinting stops. It's not that the app crashes
or is frozen. Using the keyboards still works. If I press alt-a, it applies,
alt-cancels etc. It's the actual dialogue interface that's not working. This
only happens in the dialogue boxes, does not at all happen in main application.

Here is what I did to try to trouble shoot it. 

Uninstalled, reinstalled - problem persists.
Delete all preference/plugins, uninstalled, reinstalled - problem persists.
Installed 2.74 - problem persists
Installed 2.6.9 64bit - ***PROBLEM SOVED****

Anyone getting this issue? I've search google and this forum but couldn't find
any references to my problem. Maybe it's because I'm not using the right
keywords (click problems / clicking issues are very common keywwords).

Anyways, I really love version 2.8.+ and I'd really like to get back on it. If
there is anything I can do to help the devs debugs this, please ask! I can put
up a video or upload logs or give you more details.


thebunnyrules (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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