Erik Lavender <lavenderekjc <at>> writes:

> Basically I need to be able to setup a 32 bit install onto a thumb drive 
> I can use it on a computer with 32 bit windows (I don't have admin
> rights).  So I need to get this installed from my 64 bit windows computer
> on which I do have admin rights.
> Any ideas?
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The correct way to go, for Gimp on a thumb drive, is use the portable 
version - look for  You can use this on a regular machine 
as well.

Installing a regular Gimp to a thumb drive will leave a trail of a Gimp 
profiles across the machines it runs on.

The regular installer contains both 32 and 64 bit versions. To install a 32 
bit Gimp in a 64 bit Windows OS append the switch -32 to the end of the 

ie. gimp-2.8.14-setup-1.exe -32

One peculiarity, Gimp is not installed to the 'Program Files (X86)' but to 
the 64 bit 'Program Files' unless you make an effort and use the customise 
option, bottom left of the Gimp setup dialog.

So in your case, point it at the thumbdrive and install there. Gimp is 
naturally portable, copy the whole '\GIMP 2' folder tree, to the 32 bit 
machine, make your own shortcut. No admin privilege might be a problem. 

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