>Hello fellow Gimp users, I have been kind of a lone wolf when it comes
>to GIMP have been using it for 3-4 years now and am so thankful it has
>grown so much. Thank you to all the people who give there time and
>energy to making all of this happen.
>Now to my question:
>I was looking at buying a new computer I have come to the point where
>when edit my images I am at 6-8 GB's.
>I was looking at Intel I5 and AMD CPUs and I am not sure which to pick
>esp. regarding the Graphics card.
>I was also thinking of adding 8gbs of Ram 1600 
>So in general I simply have questions on how my New computer should
>look like.

Another though was if I do get the i5 I would need to down the Graphics card
because of money so would that be smart? Get a worse graphic cards and up to a

I know in the coming up Gimp graphics cards will play a big role.
>The image below shows the specks I was thinking about? 
>(Ps Any have exp with Biostar mobo?)
>Thank you so much for your time, this isn't to organized because I
>don't fully know what to ask :)

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/186/original/comp.PNG

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