Thanks for the info Rich. Aye, took a while to figure out the install path, many
cups of tea went cold haha!

I have rooted my Note, any Andoid device is useless without, so it's weird that
this isn't going a bit smoother (It's not really, I'm just a tad thick...)

The location you pointed out is spot on, I can use ES Explorer on Android side
to dig in to all off the folders,  and also get to them from within the XCE...
Umm, thingtop/desktop/virtual doodah, using the Xterm terminal by using CD u0
a391, then CD /sdcard then adding in the rest of the location you pointed to.

Something is still amiss though, upon unpacking as yourself and Ofnuts describe,
I get an error relating to not being able to set permissions, and something to
do with root. I tried unpacking with SU or SUDO but then get errors about bash
unknown command or somsthing (Tab battery flat, can't recall without looking...)
so still got errors that I'm trying to work out, slowly...

Will try get this figured, somehow, I refuse to duplicate and rotate 360 layers
manually, I WILL cut my nose off to spite my face lol! I'll post any progress
for this, cheers52

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