Hi all,

It's not clear to me how to create a group of layers from existing layers.
According the the manual:

"You can put layers to be added together to a layer group by making them, them 
only, visible, and using the “New From Visible ” command. All visible layers, 
outside and inside layer groups, will be added to the active layer group. "

This doesn't do what I expect.  What it does is add a single layer to the 
layer group, and that single layer is the result of flattening all of the
visible layers.  The original layers still exist as separate layers unrelated
to the layer group.  I expected all of the visible layers to simply be moved
as separate layers into the layer group.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this the intended behavior?

If it's the intended behavior, then is there an easy way to group a bunch of
existing layers other than individually moving them to the group?

I tried chaining the layers together and moving one of them to the group,
but only the layer I grabbed and moved was put in the group.

Thanks for any clarifications...

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