On Fri, Feb 6, 2015 at 2:42 AM, CaptBaldy wrote:

> Can anyone help me and explain what they are asking for and possibly how to do
> this?

GIMP automatically saves all existing paths as clipping paths when
exporting to TIFF. Hence all you need is:

1. Make a selection around the object any way you prefer.
2. Choose 'Select -> To Path' in the menu.
3. Export as TIFF.

Note that the selection should be quite clean. You can test this:

1. Convert the path to selection (from Paths dockable dialog,
right-click menu or the bottom toolbar).
2. Press Ctrl+I to invert selection.
3. Press Del or Ctrl+X to remove the area around your original selection.

That will give you an idea how the clipped object will look.

Alternatively you can run a desktop publishing app, create an image
frame, load your TIFF file and apply the clipping path.

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