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> Dear list,
> first I need to grumble about the only-xcf-is-saving-misfeature. I rarely  
> have images where I need layers or other data, and even if I do, I'll be  
> warned. But I have to "export" it instead, and that leaves me with no way  
> to tell weather I'll lose my work by closing an image window - and thus, I  
> just had to redo a scan.

Actually, at least with the latest unstable (2.9) this has been partly 
addressed: if you close an image that has been exported (and not changed 
since), the warning tells you it has been exported.

There's still no other way to find out, as far as I can tell, whether the image 
in its current state has been exported, and I do sometimes lose work over this 

> I have absolutely no need to keep additional .xcf-files around or a  
> possibility to use them.

Same here for the most part.  I scan an image directly into gimp and export to 

But I have just trained myself to use export instead of save, and it's fine. 
The down side is I sometimes forget to save images in xcf format if they have 

> I'm planning to fix it - by going back to 2.6 if I must. I'd prefer to  
> have a patch for 2.8 or a patched version that can safe .jpg files,  
> therefore I'd like to know weather somebody has done this.
> Sorry for being in a bad mood.
No shoes for you for 24 hours :)

Yes, there's a plugin that changes gimp so that you can save as jpeg, I think.

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