On 04/15/2015 04:57 PM, maury wrote:
> Hello To All-
> Brand new user and this is my first post.   I downloaded GIMP recently and am
> slowly learning to use it. . I ahgve an older computer, using XP.  One problem
> that I need help on:  my cursor seems to be unsteady, almost as if it is
> vibrating.  This only happens on GIMP (not any other image processing 
> programs).
> Pretty much makes it impossible to do any fine work.  Any suggestions on how 
> to
> fix this?

Does this happen all the time, or only when using certain tools?  If
the problem affects, for instance, making rectangular selections
/and/ using the paintbrush tool, I can't guess what causes that.
But if it /only/ affects the paintbrush, clone, and similar tools it
is possible that "Apply jitter" is turned on:  This brush dynamics
settings make the affected tools work 'almost as if they are
vibrating.'  This setting will be found in the Tool Options tab in
your dock window; un-check the option and it will quit doing that.

IF that is the problem, "no problem."  If that is not the problem, I
am all out of ideas.


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