On 04/15/2015 01:50 PM, Sunniva wrote:

>> http://blog.meetthegimp.org/yay-mainstream-and-trojaned-gimp-installers/
>> GIMP installers for Windows don't get more official than this:
>> http://download.gimp.org/pub/gimp/stable/windows/

> Thanks for your reply! I don't think there is any virus or malware on that
> installation...since GIMP is working well else. But I 'll consider uninstall 
> and
> download a new version when I have the time to do so :) My version is supposed
> to 2.8.
> Have no clue what is the better version?..

The suggestion to run some malware scans was kind of generic; I
suggested scanning the system because you got the installer from an
"unknown" source and sabotaged GIMP installers do exist.  But a
sabotaged GIMP installer that includes a botnet or etc. should work
normally if whoever rigged it was at all competent.  A comparable
case would be "freeware" that includes, for instance, an unrelated
browser toolbar that nobody wants.

Another thing to try is changing the GIMP's theme setting:  Go to
Edit > Preferences, find the Theme menu, and use the "Reload current
theme" button.  Close out the Preferences menu and see if that fixed
it.  If not, go back into the Preferences menu and try switching
from Default to Small (or vice versa) and see if that does the
trick.  This is the first thing I should have suggested but, brain fart.

If tweaking the Theme setting does not work, the missing icons may
be due to some glitch during the installation process itself;
installing a "known good" copy of the GIMP might fix that; in this
case that would probably be version 2.8, available here:


Version 2.6 is also available at the same address.  If installing
version 2.8 from a "known good" source does not fix the problem,
some kind of incompatibility between version 2.8 for Windows and
your installed operating system may be the problem.  If so,
installing an earlier version i.e. GIMP 2.6 might give better results.

For best results, installing something like this will remove
numerous stability, security and usability issues once and for all -
it's a rather radical solution, but then, so are the problems it


(ha ha, only serious)


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