Dear Gimp,

I am an extremely talented graphic designer. Furthermore, I am a YouTuber and I 
post videos regularly, my videos consist of mostly speed arts. 

I am writing today to ask you whether you would sponsor me. I do not mind at 
all if the sponsorship is tiny or huge. I work very hard and I need a boost 
which would help me become more popular. My fan base is quite small at the 
moment, consisting of 31 subscribers on YouTube and approximately 100 followers 
on Instagram.

There will be many rewarding perks for you and your company if you sponsor me, 
for example:

I will promote your products so much that you will receive a massive surge in 
customers and sales. Furthermore, you will not loose any money to me as all I 
am asking from you is the smallest of promotions/ sponsorships, I just need a 
helping hand, a lift, guidance, to move myself higher in the rankings of best 
graphic designers. I use Gimp the most to complete my graphic designs. It is 
extremely useful.

Thanks a lot,

JSB Designs
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