The tool options tab is unresponsive while docked. It works fine as long as it I
don't dock it inside of the toolbox. When I do that it greys out. I've included
images to help illustrate the problem. Here's the story:

I have been a gimp user for about 10 years now. I have never had a problem with
the software. It has always performed miraculously within its functional limits.
Today I was manipulating an image with barebones image editor tools: free select
tool and paintbrush. Just drawing. No frills really.

Then with the slip of a finger (i'm on a trackpad) I accidentally detach my
"tool options" tab from its default position in the toolbox. All of the options
within the tab went grey, unresponsive. I put it back in the toolbox, still

So I saved, closed out of the toolbox and the tool options tab, and restarted

Upon reloading gimp I opened a new toolbox and a new tool options tab. It all
works fine until I try to dock the tool options tab inside of the toolbox. After
I do that all of the options go grey and I can't change the size, the opacity,
or anything else inside of that tab.


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