On 14 May 2015 at 02:52, Olivier <oleca...@gmail.com> wrote:
> We can discuss for some time about what should be present in the basics.
> Since GIMP is the GNU Image Processing Program, image processing is
> probably more basic than image drawing.

Nah...that actually would be "GIPP"- a fearsome darkside arch-rival coordinated
by Wilbur, the Dark Coyote.
Here we deal with the GNU Image MANIPULATION Software, and Wilber the GIMP
is the one featured in our splashes.

> Anyway, probably you did not search
> for a long time, since on page 87, Figure 3.125 is named "Drawing a
> straight line". A subsection of the same title begins on page 85.
> --
> Olivier Lecarme
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