On 20/05/15 18:08, mamasnowwolf wrote:
I just got a new system.  I'm running OS 10.10.4 on an iMac and GIMP 2.8.14.

I use to be able to create outlines around my text by selecting path from text,
then use the "grow" function and fill with a contrasting color.  It was great
for flyers and such.  But how to do it in the new version escapes me.  I've
tried a few different things, but did not have any luck.

Is it possible to outline text now?  If so, how do you do it?

Direct text to selection is gone, but you can use either

 * Layer>Transparency>Alpha to selection
 * Layer>Text to path and then Select>From path

But for an outline, you get a much better result using:

 * Layer>Text to path
 * Edit>Stroke path (use "Line" mode).

This method also lets you have an outline with sharp angles.

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