Hi everybody
especially Hi to the GIMP-Team!

I'm desperate and can not believe that something like this is possible.
That's why I signed up for this mailing list.

I bought an expensive graphics tablet to draw with it. Of course! We don't
need to discuss that painting with a Mouse is painful.
It is just as painful, to operate on controls with the Stylus. Such as
Checkboxes, Sliders, Lists (Lists with Scrollbars!!! Who wants to scroll
with a Pen instead with a Wheel-Mouse ???).
No one will throw his mouse, just because he owns a Tablet. In GIMP
however, anyone has decided that we can not longer use the mouse when we
use a tablet?!?!?!

I simply want to choose a Pen, a Brush, an Erasor, configurate Brush-Size,
Drawing-Dynamics, change a Gradient, etc, etc, etc...
Without remembering each time, if I've done this with the Mouse or the
That can not be true!
This can not be serious!

I am Software Developer since 15 years and my clients would kill me, if
there is no Option to en-/disable a so far-reaching "Feature".
Having different Tools and Colors for each Input-Device may be a cool
Feature for somebody. But for sure not for the Majority.
The Majority thinks, that is just a BUG!
Like me! After spending hours of Trying, reinstall the Wacom-Drivers,
writing to Wacom-Support (!!) etc., I realized that should not be a Bug,
but just a Feature of GIMP.
Take a quick Google Search, if you don't believe, that I'm not the only one.

Sorry, I have a comparsion:
Suppose you buy a second Monitor and a Video-Card with two outputs.You
connect all together, but the second Screen shows all in Portrait. After
spending hours, you realize, that this is not a Bug, just a Feature. For
some reason, the Developer of the card-driver has decided that the second
monitor must be twisted. Just like that because he found it useful for
himself or maybe just for fun!
And there is no Option, to turn this "Feature" Off!
What would you think now?

Sorry! I'm really frustrated, because I'm not able to use my new cool
Tablet with GIMP. At least not with the Pressure-Levels (thats why I bought
a new one). Without Pressure Levels it would work, because  for any Reason
it's not necessary to activate the Tablet Device in the GIMP-Settings and
therefore GIMP does not recogniz it as a second Input-Device.
Thinking now to change, even though I was always against Photoshop :-(

Greets Peter.
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